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Resonance (coaching)

Deep and full reverberation
I come to my creativity coaching and poetry workshops with the sensibilities and reverberations of a poet, filmmaker, photographer, and songwriter. Through these voices I have learned to trust my instincts and my intuition; I have learned to free associate and to look to metaphor for insights.


Metaphor can be a potent and inspiring ally or a depleting and disempowering foe. We get to choose. The right metaphor is a like a skeleton key: it can open almost any lock, any door, and can lead, as Mary Oliver tells us,

into thanks, and a silence in which

another voice may speak.


I believe if we can identify the metaphors we live by and specifically those that unconsciously and unproductively govern our behaviors and attitudes, then we can use them to create new stories, new voices through which to speak. And through surprise and passion, and by choosing opposite action, we can move from a place of dissonance to a place of resonance. We can, metaphorically speaking, increase our Signal Strength and Minimize Distortion.

Eargo Coaching

Everything that happens between client and coach is a function of listening. The safety and trust created depends upon it. Listening, ergo, is the instrument through which change and ultimate action are made possible.


There are times in our lives, however, when we don’t have this kind of listening for ourselves. Instead we experience life as an echo chamber of negative thoughts and beliefs that prevent forward movement. This “closed system” creates a feedback loop that acts like a limiter that keeps us down.


My goal with my clients is to explore the possibilities that come with free association and regular risk taking. Through the tools I employ and the exercises I assign, my clients step out of their echo chambers to push forcibly against the limiting influences and voices within themselves and their lives. In doing so, they expand the scope of who they know themselves to be. It is through intently listening to what is next for them, through seeking out the “thereforearthou” moments, that they become “ergo” and “argo”-oriented, and ultimately more engaged with creating the lives they want and are more fully attuned to.


Stay tuned.

A list of specific services is coming soon.



Poetry, through the sheer immediacy of its form, allows us to cut to the heart of the matter in ways that prose and expository writing can’t. It allows us to condense and distill experience into essence. It offers us a chance to come to our senses and surrender to what we don’t know we know.


This workshop—for writers and non-writers alike—creates the conditions for self-astonishment and creativity breakthroughs to occur.


Using poems written by renowned poets as prompts we will do the audacious:


  • Collectively confront and banish the inner critic

  • Playfully create from the moment

  • Experiment with free association

  • Write from the senses and the magic of memory

  • Access new rhythms, logics and boldnesses

You will leave this workshop with a collection of poems that truly sing, but more importantly, with a sense of self-astonishment at having sourced your creativity so boldly and spontaneously.

To register and pay, please visit my Eventbrite page.

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