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Ambience (poetry)

What is naturally present 
Since my youth, poetry has been a constant presence in my life. It became more so in recent years when I launched my blog, Mjölnir Sings.

Mjölnir Sings is a poetry blog I created when I turned 50, as a challenge and a gift to myself and to my community. Since then, and for the last four years, I have published a poem every Thursday. 
To find out more about Mjölnir Sings, the meaning of its name and to read the poems, please visit:



Future writings will be posted to this page as well.

With the help of a posse of family, friends and faithful readers, Songs from the Hammer, represents the best of Mjölnir Sings in book form, 43 poems distilled down from 215.



by Robert Martin

Songs from the Hammer books are available for purchase for $15.

To order a copy send an email to

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