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Poet, collaborator, coach

I am Robert Martin and Eargo Endeavors is my brainchild. It is a compilation of the things I am most passionate about: poetry, collaboration and coaching.


Using the metaphor of sound as its theme, this site is organized into three main sections:



What is naturally present. For me that is poetry. Poetry is the ambience in my life.



Rhythm and flow that only comes when collaboration occurs with other artists. Film is where I find my full cadence.



Deep and full reverberation through service work, coaching and poetry workshops. I help others attune to the resonances of their own voices and lives.



by Robert Martin

Songs from the Hammer books are available for purchase for $15.

To order a copy send an email to

“In this rush of living the various roles we play, working with Robert was like an exfoliation. All the layers and masks I had on were scrubbed away. He took me back to myself.  I met myself after a very long time.”

--Cecily Victor

Career Coach and Community Organizer

Instructions for living a life.
Pay attention. Be astonished.
Tell about it.
~ Mary Oliver 
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